Alas, Spring Approacheth

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A bit of early modern English to capture your attention this morning and yes spring is approaching even though the weather says differently.  Today is the last day of meteorological winter and regardless of the snow and cold we are … Continued

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Warnings Expired

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My generator was unused yesterday which is surprising with the winds we had yesterday.  Tree crews went through Otsego last summer to clear the power lines of tree limbs – M89 lost a lot of shade through the city however … Continued

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Cyclogenesis Bomb

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Cyclogenesis is the rapid development or strengthening of a low pressure center.  A cyclogenesis bomb is where the central barometric pressure drops at least 24 millibars in 24 hours. This is the latest from the NWS in regards to the … Continued

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Winter Storm Watch

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Yesterday I offered up a brief explanation on isobars and wind barbs on weather maps due to the watches coming into play for Sunday.  You have to know something important is going to happen when the NWS brings forth advisories … Continued

Isobars and Wind Barbs

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An Isobar is a line drawn on a weather map or chart that connects points at which the barometric pressure is the same.  This aids in a visual depictions of the position of high and low pressure centers.  Close spacing … Continued

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