Penguin Advisory

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It is so cold that the penguins from Antarctica may choose to migrate northward to the northern U.S..  I am up at 4:30am this morning and the temp is currently -9° with a  wind chill of -16°. One could not … Continued


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The word for today is “COLD”.  We have -5° here in Otsego this morning and -3° in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.  Snow blowers, shovels and plows were out in force yesterday.  We had around 5 inches of snow around the … Continued

Winter Weather Update

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We have been waiting anxiously or with dread for the other shoe to drop and winter weather to return to our state.  During the November snows we all thought we were in for a cold snowy winter with the exception … Continued

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Wintry Mix

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A bit cold out there this morning – temp is 12° at 7:30 here in Otsego.  Appears to be a quiet morning over most of the U.S. – there is some snow north of Minnesota – that’s it folks….  All … Continued

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