Gales of November

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Gales of November The mid November period has seen some very big storms in the Great Lakes region. Here is a list of some of the storms that have happened in Mid-November . 1913 The White Hurricane One of deadliest … Continued

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Election Day

Thankfully all the dumbed-down political ads will disappear after today and we can now expect a barrage of Christmas advertising to take their place.  In my opinion we should not have to see all the Christmas ads until around Thanksgiving. … Continued

Nature & Winter

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Driving around on Friday and Saturday I noticed the difference a day could make in regards to the foliage on the trees.  Leaves changed in color quickly over the past week or so and now a good percentage are on … Continued

Politics & Voting

I have never considered entering the cut throat arena of politics local or otherwise.  I do vote as any other responsible person does.  One does have to be well informed of all the choices presented on the ballot beyond those … Continued

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Welcome to November

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  Welcome to November Before we look at some November averages and history first here is a wrap on October 2018. This past October was a wet one here in Grand Rapids with 5.69” of rain falling (there was a … Continued

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