Winter Weather Update

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Santa is getting the reindeer fattened up for their journey from the north pole as seen in the feature image. Well, we are closing out a cold November and meteorological winter is about to begin.  There are many thoughts on … Continued

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Weather History Day

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The feature image is another one I took of the snow from the other day, sure is an improvement over looking at dead grass and bare trees. Even though I am now retired I still get up early in the … Continued

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Snow Reports

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I had .95 of an inch of water I melted in my rain gauge yesterday which equaled around 6:1 snow to water ratio – this was minus any rain which fell before the snow started.  I had to run my … Continued

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Black Friday

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I am not one to risk life, limb and temper to foray into the jungle of commercial merchandise with others of the same mind to get limited bargains.  I often wondered why this event couldn’t be spread over a period … Continued

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