Happy Halloween

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We have had a wet one overnight and rather warm for October standards.  We had a high of 58.8° yesterday and the temp has fallen to only 51.8° at 5:30am this morning.  Rainfall is at .44 of an inch with … Continued

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Haunted Cemeteries

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Continuing with my Halloween theme from the other day: Fear, simply put implies anxiety and usually loss of courage.  One can fear people, animals, height, depth, closed spaces and many other things.  In martial arts one is taught to move … Continued

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Errant Cat –

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We have a young cat named Luna – I call her Monster because she attacks anything that moves.  For her anything and everything is a toy.  She can be lovable if it suits her and of course the grand kids … Continued

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A Stormy Week Ahead

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We have a more active weather pattern setting up for this last week of October and beginning of November.  Kind of figured it would be so seeing I have to dig a three foot deep hole in my front yard … Continued

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Northeast Storms

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This is a photo of a waterspout which came ashore in Little Compton Rhode Island yesterday.  The photo was taken by Sally Jane Gavin. This was the first confirmed tornado in Rhode Island since August 2012.  They have had only … Continued

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El Nino Winters

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El Niño La Niña Weak – 10 Moderate – 7 Strong – 5 Very Strong – 3 Weak – 10 Moderate – 4 Strong – 7 1952-53 1951-52 1957-58 1982-83 1954-55 1955-56 1973-74 1953-54 1963-64 1965-66 1997-98 1964-65 1970-71 1975-76 … Continued

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