Autumnal Equinox

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The CPC maps are turning from red and orange to shades of blue which seems appropriate as we close the doors to summer and the hot humid air wafting up from the south.  The GFS and CFSv2 models have been … Continued

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Weather Changes

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After a two week period of sunny and dry weather we will be seeing active period on the horizon.  The last time it rained was September 3rd.  Even though it has been dry my grass has been growing is still … Continued

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Site Updates

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I have tried to keep this site as is for over a year now but there are times when updates and security features must be addressed or forced by WordPress and my service provider.  I have been blocking  a lot … Continued

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Carolina Hurricanes past

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While Hurricane (now tropical storm) Florence continues to hang out in the Carolina’s I took a look at some past big storms that have hit that area.  While Florence was maybe not as intense as early forecast had it I … Continued

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More Pleasant Weather

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We have some fog around the area this morning thus the dense fog advisory.  It is currently lifting out of the valley here in Otsego.  I live in a valley surrounded by woods, the Kalamazoo river flows a few hundred … Continued

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