Last of September

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I thought that time would slow down after I retired however that doesn’t seem to be the case.  One week flows into the next and the seasons continue to change at a rapid pace.  The summer birds have left and … Continued

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Here comes October

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We will soon end September and enter the start of October. The average mean temperature for October is 51.0°.  In the average October Grand Rapids receives 3.26” of rain and the mean snow fall is 0.5” The average High on … Continued

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Weekend Forecast

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The feature image today shows the frost and freeze warnings (Dark Blue) and advisories (light Blue) across the northern plains.  Temperatures in North Dakota are in the upper twenties this morning and expected to drop back into the twenties again … Continued

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Cool Weather Continues

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A cool 42° here at the Center at 7am.  Hours of daylight are retreating as are the warm temperatures, BUT we do have above normal temps in the forecast as the battle of warm and cool air continues.  I am … Continued

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Fall Allergies

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I have noticed a lot of people sneezing and snorting the past week or so due to fall allergies.  This is the time of year when weeds are putting out their pollen especially ragweed.  A single plant can produce one billion … Continued

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Chances of Rain and Storms

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As we move from September to October colliding air masses from Canada and the Gulf can create a war zone of storms and severe weather.  We went through most of the summer with a dull weather pattern for storm chasers … Continued

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Increasing Clouds and Rain

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A happy weekend for football fans in Michigan – The Lions looked like a professional football team defeating the Pats 26 to 10 (we will see how they pan out the rest of the season), Michigan beat Nebraska 56 – … Continued

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September Snow

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Do you know that in the past that parts of Michigan have had accumulating snow in September. The snowiest September in Michigan was at Ironwood in 1995 when 6.9” of snow fell. Houghton is in 2nd place when in 1942 … Continued

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