Today and this Weekends System

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Here is the hazardous weather outlook from the NWS for today: The morning storms are not expected to be severe. Briefly heavy rainfall and cloud to ground lightning strikes will be the main hazard with the morning storms. A slight … Continued

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Wet Weekend

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  Looking at the models for Friday on through the weekend I was pleasantly surprised to the the guesses for rainfall totals has gone up a bit.  The NAM and GFS is showing 1.25 to close to two inches for … Continued

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Weather History Day

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July 15 1863: It was a frosty morning with temperatures falling to the 30s across much of Michigan. The low of 31 degrees is the coldest ever recorded in July at Lansing by a full five degrees. 1961: A heavy … Continued

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Cooler & Less Humid

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  We ended up with trace amounts of rain for most of Allegan County – seems there is a dome over us.  We have gone 16 days since our last decent rain.  I ran into a few sprinkles driving to … Continued

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Storm Potential

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  Showers and storms stayed north, east and south of Allegan County yesterday some areas picked up two to in excess of three inches of rain from the slow moving cells (see feature graphic).  Rainfall totals are just coming in … Continued

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Chances of Rain

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  We picked up .02 of an inch of rain yesterday morning – most areas between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo picked up a trace to a couple hundredths of an inch.  I had to add cold water to my gold … Continued

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Scarcity of Tornadoes

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  The past few weeks have had our storm chasers twiddling their thumbs at home watching blank radars due to high pressure ridges across the U.S. and the jet across the northern CONUS – nothing out there to pull up … Continued

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Jet-Stream Movement

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  As I have said earlier I am trying out some coding processes from Aeris Weather – above is one of the results.  It is supposed to supply info for your area as it checks IP addresses rather than nearest … Continued

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