Another Wet Day

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The grass outside is sneering at me because I can’t cut it because it is so wet.  We had 1.46 inches of rain yesterday and as I write this another batch is moving in off the lake.  There are thunderstorm … Continued

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Storms of June 8 2008

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10 years ago, 2 rounds of severe storms struck Lower Michigan. Storms the night of June 7 caused destructive flooding and washed away several roads in Holland and Allegan County. 3 people died from flooding. The storms the afternoon of … Continued

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Forensic Meteorology

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You may have watched the many shows on TV which deal with the varied fields of forensics.  The meaning of forensics is belonging to, used in, or suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussion and debate.   Essentially, … Continued

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Rain then Fair Weather

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For me yesterday was a perfect day weather wise with low 70s and low dew points.  At this time (7:00 am) we have some light rain and temperatures in the upper 50s.  Since the rain started last night we have … Continued

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Climate Averages

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          Above are the climate averages for some of our area..  It takes some ambitious coding so I am bringing just four sites for now.  If you move your mouse over the graphs you will see … Continued

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1998 Derecho & May wrap

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Derecho   Here is some good information on Derecho’s   1998 Derecho   The early morning hours of Sunday, May 31, 1998, brought one of the most memorable storm events to Michigan. A derecho — a long-lived line of … Continued

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