July Heat

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In Grand Rapids, the month of July the daily highs are around 83°F throughout the month, rarely exceeding 90°F or dropping below 73°F. The hottest day was 108° on July 14th 1936 2nd place was 106° on July 12th 1936 … Continued

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Weather History

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  We have a warm and muggy 68° this morning.  Another 1.18 inches of rain I dumped out of my gauge at 7:00am (most of which fell between 3 and 5 am bringing us to over 5 inches for the … Continued

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Warming Up Big Time

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TO the left is the CPC outlook for the 28th through July 2nd showing about half of the US with excessive heat.  The central US will see temperatures breaking 100°  Our area will see temps in the 90s with dew … Continued

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Mostly Sunny- Reminiscing

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I have been reminiscing a lot lately, one does that as one ages.  I think back when there were books and newspapers in paper form, carburated hot rods that one could tune up themselves, and when we spent a lot … Continued

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Will the Sun Come Out?

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First off I would like to thank Slim for his diligent work as our data cruncher and weather historian, he does a great job digging up all the info for his Saturday posts.  He is, like myself a member of … Continued

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Cloudy with Rain

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Rainfall amounts around the state have been minimal over the past 24 hours with the exceptions of Stevensville with a report of over 5 inches, Buchanan with 1.95 inches, St Joseph with 2.83 (there is a flood advisory for that … Continued

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Summer Solstice

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Here we are the first day of summer though it seems it actually started over a month ago with the temperatures and humidity being as they have been.  The summer solstice (or estival solstice), also known as midsummer, occurs when … Continued

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