Rain & Storms

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Some mo rain is a comin’.  We had .16 of an inch yesterday morning with a mainly gloomy day though the sun tried to poke out a few times towards the evening.  I did manage to transplant some peppermint in … Continued

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More Rain

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Yesterday was a good day to put down the weed and feed on the lawn.  Most of this stuff you should put down when the grass is wet or moist with dew but not a chance of rain for 24 … Continued

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Clouds and Rain Return

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Above are the SPC outlooks for Saturday and Sunday which puts us in the general thunderstorm area. The high pressure over Quebec which has provided us with pleasant weather all week will give us one more dry day before a … Continued

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Weather History

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May 13 1930: Severe thunderstorms produced tornado and downburst damage across eastern Clinton County. Over 30 farms had wind damage and two dozen barns were destroyed. A tornado struck four miles south of St. Johns. 1980: Kalamazoo was hit by … Continued

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Ha!  Some of you may be wondering about today’s title.  I am going to try to keep it short and simple without going into  (much) calculus and skew charts.  dBZ stands for decibel relative to Z. It is a logarithmic … Continued

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A thunderstorm was my alarm clock this morning – woke me up about 6:15 – still some thunder and lightning as I write this.  We are definitely in a springtime weather pattern.  So far this month we have had 3.34 … Continued

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Happy Mothers Day

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Happy mothers day to my mother who is 82 and my mother-in-law who is 86.  I think it is great that they have lived long enough to see their great grand children grow up.  My mother is in an assisted … Continued

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1980 Kalamazoo Tornado

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  This weekend marks the 38th anniversary of the Kalamazoo Tornado. Tuesday, 13 May 1980 was not what many would consider a typical set up for a major tornado. The daily weather records do not go back that far at … Continued

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