May 31, 1998 Derecho

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  The early morning hours of Sunday, May 31, 1998, brought one of the most memorable storm events to Michigan. A derecho — a long-lived line of intense, fast-moving thunderstorms producing widespread destructive winds — tore through much of the … Continued

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Rain and Storms

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Once again I dig into the archives of the NWS to bring you our weekly weather history for SW Michigan. May 27 1907: Wet snowflakes fall at Grand Rapids and Muskegon. It is the latest snow on record at Grand … Continued

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We had another day in the mid 90s yesterday.  I had three of my thermometers break the 100° mark, all in the shade – we tend to hold the heat down here in the valley.  My wife loves this weather.  … Continued

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Happy Memorial Day

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(Photo is from SS)  Thanks to all of you who have served or are servicing in the armed forces.  The greatest generation, those who served in WW2 are fading away as are the memories their minds contained of the horrors … Continued

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Hurricane Season

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We have officially begun the 2018 hurricane season with Alberto which will effect our weather mid week.  The feature image is the predicted track of Alberto.  This will give us a wet and humid airmass though it is still to … Continued

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Memorial Day Weekend

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The day are getting longer.  I am up at 5:30 this morning and the sky is already starting to lighten.  Sunrise is at 6:12, sunset at 9:07 bringing us to a today of 14 hours and 55 minutes of daylight.  … Continued

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Paleoclimatology is the study of climate records from hundreds to millions of years ago. Paleoclimate data come from climate records found in nature. They are known as proxy records or indirect records of climatic conditions.  Most of our ‘base’ records go … Continued

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This Weeks Weather History

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May 20 1975: A tornado injured one person as it destroyed two mobile homes at Byron Center in Kent County. 1977: The last half of May is unusually warm. Record high temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s are … Continued

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Nicer Weather Ahead

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All the trees are leaved and the grass is nice and green especially for those of us who use fertilizer.  Of course it makes us have to mow  more often with all the rain which has fallen.  We have had … Continued

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