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Clouds can be harbingers of good weather or bad. Their absence can be a good thing after a flooding rain or a bad thing during a drought. They provide relief from the heat of direct sunlight but also act as … Continued

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Upward Lightning

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Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge that occurs typically during a thunderstorm. This discharge occurs between electrically charged regions of a cloud (called intra-cloud lightning or IC), between two clouds (CC lightning), or between a cloud and the ground (CG … Continued

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Radarscope for Windows

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Earlier this month Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) released their Window 10 version of Radarscope.  Radarscope has been around for quite some time and is used by storm trackers. RadarScope is a specialized display utility for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists that … Continued

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Snow Showers

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Here we are in mid April and we are still talking about snow.  We should be seeing temperatures in the 50s and we will after another cool week though we will see a drier pattern shaping up for the next … Continued

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Looking back at other Cold April’s

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  My wife and me have to go to the store and pick up some items for not only ourselves but for my wife’s mother who lives in Linwood, Michigan (about 12 miles north of Bay City) her mother lives … Continued

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