What is Normal Anyway????

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This is a little tongue and cheek humor on the question of normalcy, puns are intended, no offense is intended… We have all heard the terminology of the ‘new normal’ and I wonder as we go through the decades what … Continued

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Deep Snows

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Don’t think we will see anything like these photos in lower Michigan – the only thing I remember coming close was the winter of 1972 in northern Maine and central/southern Ontario Canada when I saw the house size snow blowers … Continued

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Cooler Temps This Week

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  The days are getting pretty short, sunrise is 7:23 sunset is 5:29.  I am generally up in the morning around 6:30 (up with the chickens as my grandparents would say), now I will be getting home from work (my … Continued

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Extreme Novembers past

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  This week I am going to take a look at the extreme weather we had in Novembers in the past. .In 1950 October closed out on the very warm side. On October 28th 1950 the high in Grand Rapids … Continued

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Maybe Some Sun Today

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Southwest Michigan Forecast High pressure will bring fair weather today but light rain and snow will move in tonight with a period of stormy weather this weekend as low pressure brings a cold front through by Sunday night.  Most of … Continued

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