Dry Day Ahead

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This is going to be one of those weeks where there isn’t much to talk about weather-wise.  As with last year the main weather systems will remain out west – A series of cold fronts will approach the West Coast … Continued

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warm or cold this winter?

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This week I will take a look at some past weather events and see what could be ahead for the winter time.    The NWS from Chicago did some research and found that colder than normal Novembers during La ¯Nina’s … Continued

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Black Friday

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Black Friday is an informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the fourth Thursday of November, which has been regarded as the beginning of the country’s Christmas shopping season since 1952 and the day shopkeepers balance … Continued

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Hibernation Time

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Working 9 to 5 with the sun setting on my drive homeward, this time of year I find myself drawn to my easy chair with a blanket when I get home for a before dinner period of dormancy to wind … Continued

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