1917/18 & The winter of 1917/18

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   This picture is from Greenvile Jan 12, 1918  This one is from Grand Haven on the same day.   One hundred years ago Grand Rapids had its coldest year in recorded weather history. The mean temperature for the year … Continued

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NOAA Winter Outlook

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Many of the major players of winter forecasting are coming close together on predicting our forecast for this winter.  NOAA has released their winter forecast.  The graphics below (click to enlarge) show we have equal chances of above or below … Continued

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Winter Storm Names

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Winter storm naming in the United States has been used since the mid 1700s in various ways to describe historical winter storms. These names have been coined from days of the year that the storm impacted, to noteworthy structures such … Continued

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The Great Waldo Flood

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I was watching the conditions deteriorate in Kalamazoo and photos coming in from Waldo Stadium as the water keep on rising yesterday morning and afternoon. (Image is by Kaytie Boomer). It was so bad pieces of the turf began to … Continued

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Weak La Nina winters

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  With what looks like could be a weak La Nina or natural state developing for this up coming winter lets take a look at what happened in (going back to 1950)  here in Grand Rapids in the winters that … Continued

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