Here Comes August

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Well July is now almost over and one can ask where has summer gone? So far this summer here in Grand Rapids it has been a rather typical Michigan summer. That means not too hot, enough rain to keep most … Continued

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Some Michigan averages and extremes

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This week I will take a look at some annual Michigan averages and then look as some extremes over the years. I think we have seen less thunderstorms in the last few years just by looking at the number of … Continued

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1863??? Here is the past weather history from the GRR NWS office for July 15th July 15 1863: It was a frosty morning with temperatures falling to the 30s across much of Michigan. The low of 31 degrees is the … Continued

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The Lack of Power

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I was originally going to call this  post “The Great Heat Wave of 1936” but the thunderstorms that rolled thru early Friday changed that somewhat. It amazes me on just how dependent we have become on the power grid. If … Continued

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Happy 4th of July

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The growth of the British Empire in the 19th century, to its territorial peak in the 1920s, saw Britain acquire nearly one quarter of the world’s land mass, including territories with large indigenous populations in Asia and Africa. From the … Continued

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Summer Flowers

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My wife spends many hours outdoors planting and tending to her flowers, seems every year some new feature pops up in the yard.  I just mow the lawns and tend to the herb garden and the few potted veggies we … Continued

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Welcome to July

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In Grand Rapids, the month of July the daily highs are around 82°F throughout the month, rarely exceeding 90°F or dropping below 73°F. The hottest day July day is 108° on July 14th 1936 that is the hottest official reading … Continued

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