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Heat Burst

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A heat burst is a meteorological phenomenon in which air descending from a decaying thunderstorm causes a rapid temperature increase and strong straight-line winds at the surface. A heat burst typically begins with... READ MORE

Space Weather

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Couldn’t ask for a better weekend, a sure sign we have broken through the winter doldrums and can now venture outside to enjoy the great outdoors without having to bundle up.  All my... READ MORE

The Easter Monday storm

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On Easter Monday April 13, 1360 during what has be come known as the Hundred Years War there was a major battle. Now a little history leading up to this battle. England and... READ MORE

Wind & Weather

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Today’s info is on the wind, weather and ocean currents. Coastal currents are affected by local winds. Surface ocean currents, which occur on the open ocean, are driven by a complex global wind... READ MORE

This Weeks Weather History

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Time to step away from the classroom and take a look at our weekly weather history feature: April 14 1953: It is a cold morning across Lower Michigan. Record low temperatures include the... READ MORE

Soil Moisture & Forecasting

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The ground is wet for sure and soil moisture values will increase the next few days with an unsettled weather pattern.  From this mornings NWS discussion: - Showery activity will continue today and... READ MORE

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